Dive in, rack 'em up, and conquer the tables in our thrilling pool hall tournaments!

Whether you're a seasoned pool shark or just starting out, our pool hall tournaments are designed to cater to players of all levels. From beginners looking to test their skills to seasoned pros seeking a new challenge, our tournaments offer the perfect platform to showcase your cue wizardry.

Get in the ring and punch your way to fitness!

Join our boxing training sessions every Tuesday and Wednesday! When you step into our boxing training sessions, get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience like no other. Our doors open at 4pm, giving you plenty of time to prepare mentally and physically for the class ahead. As the clock strikes 5pm, the fun begins! Our trainers will lead you through a series of drills, combinations, and pad work, keeping the energy high and the punches flying until 6:30pm. You'll leave each session feeling exhilarated, empowered, and one step closer to achieving your fitness goals.

Get ready to unwind with game nights!

At our community, we believe in the importance of relaxation and having a good time. That's why we've decided to schedule game nights every Friday! Whether you're a card shark, a poker pro, or a video game enthusiast, we've got something for everyone. So grab your friends, dust off your favorite deck of cards, or fire up your gaming console, because it's time to let loose and enjoy some friendly competition.

A space for every occasion

Whether you're looking to host podcast and interview shoots, capture breathtaking pictorials, or gather your loved ones for an intimate or large event, our venue has got you covered! With our discounted rates, our members can create unforgettable memories without breaking the bank.

Remember, life is too short for boring venues. Join our community of members and unlock the potential of our versatile space. With our discounted rates, you can let your creativity run wild without worrying about your budget. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make your next event, shoot, or gathering truly extraordinary. 

The perfect workout for every fitness enthusiast

At our fitness center, we believe in making exercise fun and accessible for our members. That's why we offer free use of our top-of-the-line exercise equipment every single day. Whether you're looking to build strength or work on your core, we have the right equipment to meet your needs. No more waiting in line or paying extra fees – our exercise equipment is available for you to use whenever you want, absolutely free!

Looking for a thrilling workout that will get your adrenaline pumping? Look no further than our indoor rock wall! Our members have the privilege of enjoying free access to this exciting feature. Scale the heights, conquer new challenges, and have a blast while improving your strength, endurance, and mental focus. Our friendly staff is always available to guide you and ensure your safety, making your rock climbing experience a memorable one.